Thursday, April 5, 2012

Pastiche Exercise 1

"Meet the Spartans"
A:  This is a pastiche of another movie named "300", that in turn is another pastiche of a graphic novel, which  was a romanticized version, of a real historical battle.
B: This pastiche is a parody of real current events in today's culture. This film, I regret to say is something I was tricked into seeing. It speaks volumes of the kind of culture we live in, and it is a horrible movie...You know what?...just forget that I said I saw this.
C: This work questions the status of the original by vying for most popular film at the time. When 300 came out it was an instant success due to it featuring muscular men, gore and violence. "Meet the Spartans" attempted to capitalize on their success by focusing on another aspect that some movie-goers enjoy, slapstick humor.

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